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Lankelma is the foremost contractor for onshore in-situ soil testing in the UK. An acknowledged specialist in CPT, Lankelma also offers a worldwide consultancy and training service.

A.P. van den Berg develops, designs and manufactures geotechnical and environmental soil investigation equipment for onshore and offshore applications. Specialists in CPT systems and equipment.


Gardline Geosciences offers worldwide marine geotechnics, in-house consutancy and services with marine investigations ranging from nearshore to full ocean depth (down to 3000m).

About the Author

Hans Brouwer studied civil engineering at Delft University in The Netherlands. He has worked as a part-time lecturer at Amsterdam Polytechnic and was senior partner in a structural engineering consultancy. He has written a standard textbook in Dutch about the design of building foundations. He now lives in England where he writes technical textbooks in English, hopefully to reach a bigger readership.

About this book.

The purpose of this book is to give an overview and short description of the latest techniques for in-situ soil investigation using ‘push technology’. It provides information about cone penetration testing, soil sampling techniques and instrumentation on land and rail, near-shore and offshore. More than 25 cone penetrometers, instrumentation devices and samplers are described.

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Research and Development


Would you believe it?
Health and safety regulations have come on a long way since the 1960s. Field tests undertaken in 1964 by NGI involved the use of nitroglycerin-nitrocellulose, a solid rocket propellant, to power piston coring with a torpedo sampler....
View an abstract of the NGI report published in 1973.

Recent research into new ways of deploying existing cones includes: 
  • A fast track system to push in ground source heat exchangers.
  • The rail-truck is the world's first dedicated CPT rail truck. A central turntable mechanism enables it to easily gain access to the track. It can work from the
    rails or next to the rails.
  • The attachment of a coiled CPT rod system to an underwater tractor for work
    in surf zones.
  • A set of CPT rams is mounted on to the end of any quick hitch road rail 360 plant to carry out testing next to rails or down embankments.
  • The development of a horizontal set of CPT rams with Tubelines to push instrumentation and cones through tunnel walls. This system utilizes existing boltholes that connect the tunnel segments together as anchor points for the rig, this enables tunnel walls to be used as reaction.

New Testing Methods

  • Lankelma is assisting Dr Mike Long, of the University College, Dublin with the objective of assessing the suitability of using novel flow penetrometers, to more fully characterise soft Irish soils and peat in-situ.
  • Push-in inclinometers.
  • The t-bar cone. Extensive research has been carried out in conjunction with University College Dublin.
  • Resistivity sledge for resistivity measurement in waterdepths down to 3000m.
  • Deepwater sampler, for continuous samples up to 25m in waterdepths down to 2,500m, developed in co-operation with NGI and AP van den Berg
  • Magnetometer cone, which gives geotechnical data as well as data on unexploded ordnance.
  • Ongoing development of a soil injection probe. It can be used for in-situ bio-remediation and soil stabilisation by grouting. 
  • Lankelma assisted in the analysis of a rapid load test on an instrumented bored pile in clay.

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